1. Interface to other databases.

  2. Special Widget for time types, scores, BLOB

  3. Support of the BLOB-types which are specified by MIME-types. Possibly accessibility in KDE or gnome System. Announcements of picture data. Exchange with file system

  4. Form-server supports cascading delete and modifying of primary-keys

  5. Form-server supports relationship-(min.max) and other integrity-rule

  6. Direct help to dialogs

  7. Balloon or tip-texts to Widgets

  8. Alternative representation of forms as tables or table as parts of the forms. Use of tkTable Tcl-extension

  9. Support of tabulator consequences and generally better user friendliness

  10. Short-cuts (Accelerators)

  11. Null-value treatment with Widget. Till present all Widget can not support it well.

  12. New more powerful GUI-elements (Widget) and more Options.

I need your feedback.