In the system XML-documents are interfaces between SchemaEditor and FormEditor (class XML dbschema) and farther between FormEditor and FormServer (class XML xmlforms). The high independence of the components and their interchangeability is thereby guaranteed. Every component can be replaced with another which can manipulate the corresponding XML-document (can interpret). It means, they must be enough for the interface which is described as a XML-DTD (DTD-document). For the user of the system the internal use of the XML-format is invisible. He can create according to demand the XML-documents also manually or process with the help of other general XML-tools.

The descriptions of the separate XML-classes as documents DTD become in files dtd/dbschema.dtd And dtd/dbforms.dtd. A small script validate.sh If simplifies the use from nsgml Parser which belongs already normally to every LINUX distribution.

The system was developed so that these XML-documents can be used by other applications.