Developer information

Programming tools

The whole system was programmed in the computer language TCL (tool Command Language). Tcl is interpretative and string based computer language and characterizes itself by a simple syntax and a simple extensibility. These qualities it ideally for glue together of other specialized components (mostly libraries which are written in other languages (C, C ++)). The language are often used for Rapidly Developments Prototyping Tcl uses a brilliant, simple syntax. Although Tcl is a script language, the Tcl-applications are much faster than Java-programs and use very little resources. The object-oriented implementing was possible by using XOTcl extension. This makes possible a clear structure of the program. The following additional components of the TCL were used.

Tk and Tix

a library for developing GUIs (Widget set).


object-oriented Tcl extension.

mysqltcl pgtcl ...

interfaces to specific database systems.


DOM implementation for Tcl.

I also had no ambition to program everything in pure Tcl/Tk if there are so many good libraries.