XOTclIDE as one Executable for Windows and Linux

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One file run ready distribution made by using tclkit wrapping.
Warning! This distribution does not contain additional documentation, which is available on this site or in tar.gz distribution. Into XOTclIDE.kit was wrapped also tclodbc, sqlite, mysqltcl, pgsql and TkTable . It means it is suitable to run also XOTclIDE with Version Control System (based on relational database). You can also use sqlite or Metakit (single user database in one file) to check version control without any additional installation. For really multi-user version control system I suggest to install mysql with mysqltcl extension. On Windows you can use Microsoft Access SQL Jet and use .mdb files as control version database. Consider that Active Tcl distribution can load tclkits per source command. Up from version 8.4.9 Active Tcl contains also XOTcl.

Many thanks to Michael Schlenker for suggestion and initial XOTclIDE kit.

Installing Version Control

For single work-place you can use build-in database-engine sqlite. It will set a version control database as one file. You can try on windows also MSAccess database, that save repository as (MS Access mdb file). You do not MS Office for it because MS SQL JET is a part of every windows installation.

For normal (multi-user) use of version control I suggest to use mysql. That have the best performance and is primary development target.

Problems with Version Control on ODBC

Before you use odbc you must create an odbc-datasource with you standard windows ODBC customize tool in system administration (included by windows). I have only tested odbc interface with mysql database on window XP. The problem can be the creation of tables because of differently sql syntax for defining timestamps. If the installer can not create the tables see the file schema_odbc.sql and modify it. (unwrap kit package first). There are special adaptors for SQL-Jet and MS SQL-Server aviable for Windows platform.
Artur Trzewik
Last modified: Wed Aug 31 21:23:31 CEST 2005