XOTclIDE. Integrated Development Environment for XOTcl and Tcl

Project renamed to TclSqueak.


Version 0.90 released. XOTclIDE was redesigned and renamed to TclSqeak use new page TclSqueak
Version 0.86 released. many usability improvements towards modern IDE. Use ttclcheck internally
Version 0.85 released. compatible with XOTcl 2.0. Many Improvements. Many thanks to Gustav Neumann for patches
Version 0.84 released. Syntax checker recognize lassign. Script editor plug in was improved. small bug fix in debugger.
Version 0.83 released. Adapted for XOTcl1.6. Some small improvements and bug fixes.

XOTclIDE: simple, highly flexible, integrated

XOTclIDE is an (Integrated Development Environment) for XOTcl . XOTcl is an object oriented extension for Tcl. XOTcl can also manage old Tcl code (procs)

XOTclIDE is suggested and inspired by some great Smalltalk graphical environment systems as Squeak or Envy.

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The main benefits of XOTclIDE are:

Screen Shoots

There is an Object browser (or Object inspector). You can modify the object variables and invoke object method directly from the GUI.


Future of XOTclIDE

Up from version 0.50 I decided not to implement new features and concentrate myself on bug fixes and stabilizing development. In this version XOTclIDE has everything a good IDE needs. Changes would be made only on user desire. Please write your comments, suggestions and other feedback.

You can use the xotclide page on Tcl wiki to write direct your comments.


You need Tcl/Tk (tcl.activestate.com) and XOTcl (xotcl.org) to run this XOTclIDE Application. CHANGES Text File

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Author and License

The program was written by Artur Trzewik and is GNU Public License Software.
Artur Trzewik
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