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what is tkmatrix?

tkmatrix is an education mathematical program to manipulate matrices. Matrices are part of linear algebra. It was developed for students to learn algorithms and test own calculation. Therefore tkmatrix can give not even a solution but all algorithm steps as a protocol (report). It can calculate with float numbers and fractions. Solutions and protocols can be exported to ASCII, html and latex files. (other files are possible). The math-part of tkmatrix is programmed in C++ as tcl-library and graphical interface in Tk/Tcl. Tkmatrix can be also a frontend for Octave (A high-level interactive language for numerical computations.) At least for linear Algebra and matrices manipulation. Tkmatrix can load and save in octave format and run specially prepared octave scripts.

The distribution includes the program matrix too. It is pure shell program tkmatrix without GUI. tkmatrix screen shoot

Following mathematical operation are implemented:

Full mathematical and program documentation is available only in German language.


Author and Lincense

tkmatrix was written by Artur Trzewik

tkmatrix is free and with source code.

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