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Xdobry is free in form-generator for relational databases (mysql, postgresql, sqlite , odbc, Oracle, MS SQL-Jet (MS Access), MS SQL-Server). It contains an editor for Database Schema, Drag & Drop GUI editor for forms and a forms-server.

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This program makes fast and simple production of DB-forms possibly. The system was developed for people who want to create forms to an existing database, migrate databases or manipulate database schemas.



In contrast to similar systems the forms are not understood as another representation of the tables. The forms are constructed on the basis of the conceptual model, called repository. The modeling concepts like specialization (inheritance), association (Relationship) and Aggregation are supported directly.

A strict division of the system components is carried out after user-groups (DB-administrator, developer, DB end-user). The development of the forms runs in steps. First a repository is created from the relational schema. Then the forms are generated. The descriptions of the forms are implemented by the FormServer. The Repository and the forms are coded in XML-format what leaves open a way for the integration with other systems.

All components used with the implementing and programed tools are free and available with source code. Also Xdobry itself is placed under GNU Public License and therefore can be free used.

Xdobry is a system which can be used either on existing database or create new database. Xdobry can use build-in file database sqlite or MS SQL Jet on windows and there does not requires extra database system.

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