Production of the Repositories

For the production of the Repositories which represents an extension of the relational schema around semantic information, becomes the programSchemaEditor Applies. The program can select the relational schema by the SQL-connection. In addition one applies the menu pointFile->Case schema from DB . In the following dialog the correct data accessibility must be given(indicated).

Then other semantic information can be added.

This can happen in three sorts

  1. Use of reverse engineering menuReverse engineering .

  2. Add from abstraction concepts by the use of assistants: +Association (possibly foreign key), +Aggregation, +Suptype

  3. Edit properties of the attributes (schema-elements).

  4. Add from other schema-elements such as attribute-group, label. It happens by use of pop-Up Menu (right mouse button)

The complete example of XML-Repository show the file sample/uni.xmldbschema.