Missing functionality be Xdobry

I also want to name the possible tarps and pitfalls with the use of the the program.

If you have similar problem or if you have consider to other functional ways, let me about it know. How the next version will look, depends on you.

Program Options

You can specify some options by starting FormServer.

FormServer -- [-help] [-debug] [-viewonly] [-ignorexmlpar | -noconnectdialog | -connect connectpar | -loadmacros macrofile | -openform formname | xmlfile]


Activate some menus for debugging: SQL-Monitor, XOtcl class-browser, Tk-Window Browser, interactive mods


The database contens can be only viewed. No delete, modify or insert operation are allowed.


Ignore all parameters codded in XML file.


Do not show database connect dialog. All parameters for database connection should be specified in XML file or by -connect option.


load a Tcl-script after initializations.


Specify database connect parameter. The parameters are codded as TclX keyed list.

-connect "{interface mysql} {user root} {dbank test} {password geheim} {socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock}"


Open a form after initialising.


All option must be tipped after --.

Example usage.
./FormServer -- -debug -viewonly
 -connect "{interface mysql} {dbank uni} 
           {user root} {socket /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock}" 
 -noconnectdialog -openform Student uni.xmlforms