Advantages to opposite existing systems

There are many similar systems which excel this with the functional character largely, nevertheless it is to be enumerated worth a few peculiarities of the software which distinguish the software.

  1. It is very small.

  2. Existing components with computer language Tcl were already stuck together.

  3. Source text is accessible

  4. Development with Tcl and XOTcl is 10 times faster than with JAVA (according to SUN)

  5. It can easily be extended around special features

  6. It uses consistently XML-format

However, the main advantage is a new way of developing the DB-forms. The tables themselves do not place the basis for the forms but special the conceptual model. The conceptual model is won by reverse engineering from databases schema (Data Dictionary). The forms have so better quality and do not need of agile adaptations as with conventional systems. The foreign keys are represented as listsboxes. The inheritance is supported directly. Embedded forms are possible. The developing and use of forms was separated (It is always almost done by different people). Thereby it use very few resources. More of it in the underlying dissertation.