Installation from Source code

Starkit packaged allows so called "copy-installation". Just copy one file no another requirements.

Xdobry System consists only Tcl-scripts and therefore no compile are necessary. However, it uses many Tcl-extension (libraries) which were programmed in C or C ++. There are: Tk, Tix, which belong to Linux-distribution and should be already installed on your computer. Windows users can use free Tcl distribution from Active-State Tcl

Other Tcl-extensions must be installed separately:

  1. XOTcl (object oriented extension for Tcl) successor of OTcl and competitor of ITcl.

  2. TDom 0.5a2 - is a DOM (Document Object model) interface for treatment of XML-documents.

  3. Mysqltcl - is a Tcl interface to MySql databases.

  4. Pgtcl - is a Tcl interface to Postgersqll databases. Belongs also to the newest RedHat distribution (greater 6.2).

The installation of above extensions can be problematically, because it demands some experience with compile programs.

Xdobry analysis by starting with Tcl interfaces are available. For checking this Tcl command package require will be used. following packages will be search for: